Frequently Asked Questions

How do I configure Bluetooth?
These instructions are intended to guide you through the process of connecting via Bluetooth to your PowerSight meter. Since Bluetooth implementations vary widely, individual messages and steps may vary somewhat from what is documented here. However, this presents the process in a way that should guide you through just about any implementation of Bluetooth that you will be presented with. If you have Bluetooth communications installed on your computer, you should see the Bluetooth icon at the lower right of your screen and a Bluetooth icon named “My Bluetooth Places” may appear on your desktop. If Bluetooth communications were not built into your computer (this is often the case), verify that your USB-to-Bluetooth adapter is installed in a USB port. Turn on your PowerSight meter. Double click on either the Bluetooth icon at the lower right of your screen or the “My Bluetooth Places” icon on your desktop. If you see an icon for your meter, proceed to the next paragraph. If you don’t, click on “Find Bluetooth Devices”. If Bluetooth detects your meter, an icon for it labeled with its model number and serial number (such as “PS4500-04500”) will appear in a screen of detected devices. Double click on the icon for your meter. If the meter has been “paired” with your computer, you will see an icon of a serial cable connector labeled something like “SPP Slave on PSxxxx-xxxxx”, where the last characters are the unique identifier for your meter discussed above. Double click on this to establish a communications path between Windows and the meter (or right-click and click on “Connect”). The name of the communications channel to use will be displayed (such as COM7). If the meter has not been paired, you will be asked to enter a PIN code. Enter “0000” (four zeros) and click on “Initiate Pairing”. Through pairing, your computer sets up a communication channel with the meter. If pairing is successful, you may be asked what service you wish to access on the meter. You will click the box for “SPP Slave”. A screen will open identifying a COM Port that is being assigned to communications with the meter (such as COM7). Remember this port identifier; you will need it to connect to your PSM software later. Open your PSM software application. If it connects properly, you will see a green box appear with the words “Unit Connected” in it. If this automatic connection failed, click on the Setup Communication button and set the Serial Port for the COM port that is assigned the connection with your meter (such as COM7). Click OK and the connection between the application and your meter should be successful. Normally, you will not have to change this port assignment again. Note: Whenever you close PSM or turn your PowerSight meter off, you will break the connection between your meter and Windows. Once your meter is turned on, you will need to double click on one of the Bluetooth icons on your desktop to reconnect with Windows and then attempt to re-connect to the meter via PSM. If you are asked to enter a PIN, enter “0000” (four zeros). see website

How do I upgrade the firmware in my PowerSight?
PowerSight can have its capabilities enhanced via upgrades over the Internet. If you have a model PS2500, PS3500, PS4000, or PS4500 meter and it is under warranty, you can receive upgrades to your PowerSight analyzer via the internet. This allows you to receive the benefits of our improvements without returning your analyzer for an upgrade. How to tell if your PowerSight can receive a firmware upgrade If you have a PS2500, PS3500, PS4000, or PS4500 meter, the meter can have its firmware upgraded without returning the unit to us. Models PS250 and PS3000 have to be returned to the factory for a firmware upgrade. For meters with keypads, press the “Admin” key of the keypad several times until it says “Check Warranty?” Press the “Yes’ key. The warranty expiration data appears on the bottom line of the display. If that date is not yet passed, you will be able to receive a free firmware upgrade. PS2500 meters do not have a keypad. With those meters, turn it on and press the “Next” button several times until it displays the warranty expiration date. How to get your firmware upgrade Contact Summit Technology via email or telephone. If your meter is capable and under warranty, we will email the firmware upgrade to you. See the previous section to determine if your meter is capable and under warranty. Procedure for upgrading the firmware 1. Receive our email with the upgrade attachment file. For model PS4000, the filename is PS4000-XXX.s19, where “XXX” is the version number of the firmware (such as “32M”). For model PS2500 and PS3500, the firmware will be p35aXXX.s19, where “XXX” is the version number. 2. Store the attachment in your \PowerSight directory. Write over any previous version that may already be there. 3. Close all other programs. Close any background processes that may be doing background communications. An interference in the communications flow during upgrading can potentially result in a failure that can only be solved by returning your meter to Summit Technology. 4. Make sure the meter is being charged by its power supply (the red “charging” indicator near the DC input jack needs to be lit) while you perform the upgrade. 5. Start PSM (PowerSight Manager program). Connect your PowerSight meter to your PC and verify that the green “Unit Connected” box appears on the main menu of PSM. 6. At the top of the main menu, click on “Tools”, then click on “Firmware Upgrade” 7. Browse, if necessary, to select the firmware upgrade file (such as “PS4000-32M.s19”) in the File Name box. 8. Click “Upgrade”. The upgrade process will take a few minutes. 9. If there is a problem, click “upgrade” again. If it still fails, contact the factory. 10. The meter should now function properly with the enhancements of the new firmware.

What is Surestart?
SureStartTM eliminates connection and setup errors. Introduction One of the biggest problems in monitoring commercial power is discovering at the end of the study that the data is flawed or useless due to connection or setup errors: SureStartTM is a program employing patent pending technology that applies artificial intelligence to automatically identify what type of power system is present and identify what errors in connections or setups are probably present. It is advanced beyond any other system in three ways: * It makes these determinations regardless of the power system type * It does this even in the presence of multiple connection or wiring errors * It presents the results in clear English statements. No longer do you need to worry about whether your setup was right or your connections were correct. No longer do you need to study waveforms, phasor diagrams, or magnitude and phase measurements prior to leaving your monitoring device. Even the most knowledgeable professional makes errors in setup and connection. And even if the connections are correct, the wiring of the system may not be, and it is best to know that before the monitoring session has begun. Types of Errors that may be present Here are examples of errors that SureStartTM automatically detects when connected to single-phase, two-phase, wye, delta, 4-wire delta, grounded delta, open delta, DC, and other power systems: * One two, or three voltages not connected * One, two, or three currents not connected to the source cables * One, two, or three currents not connected to the meter * Two or three connections to the same voltage * Two or three connections to the same current * Voltages misidentified * Currents misidentified * One, two, or three current sensors backwards * Two voltage connections switched * Two current probes switched * All voltages rotated one position left * All voltages rotated one position right * All currents rotated one position left * All currents rotated one position right * One, two, or three phases not present * One phase being presented as two or three phases * One or two phases shorted to neutral or ground * Neutral not connected to ground * Non-standard voltage due to improper loading * Non-standard voltage due to power system problem * Non-standard frequency due to power system problem * Non-standard phase shift between phases due to power system problem * Improper frequency or voltage mode setting in the meter * Improper input ratios in the meter * and finally, combinations of all the above listed errors. SureStartTM, combined with our SurePowerTM and SureSenseTM technologies, provides the most reliable operating platform in the industry for monitoring power. Take a step towards peace of mind and useful results, with SureStartTM.

How do I get the Warranty Expiration Information from PowerSight Using PSM?
1. Connect the PowerSight unit to a PC that has PSM installed.
2. Turn on the PowerSight unit and then start PSM on the PC. 3. If the hardware and software connection process is successful, a status box with a green band saying “Unit Connected” will appear. This is shown in the example at the right.
4. The PSM series that the unit is eligible to work with is on the line “For Use With:” as shown to the right. In this example, the PowerSight unit that is connected is presently eligible for the 2.1 series of PSM.
5. If the “For Use With:” message does not appear below the green status box, then your unit is only eligible for the PSM 1.2 series. You are done.
6. If the date shown after “Warranty Ends:” is still in the future, then you are probably eligible to upgrade to the latest PSM series.
7. If your PowerSight unit successfully connects with a newer series of PSM software, the eligibility number on the second line at the right will automatically change to show the new series number. For instance, for the unit with the display shown above, if it successfully connected to a version of the PSM 3.0 series before 1/1/05, the number on the “For Use With:” line would probably change to 3.0.

How do I determine which version of firmware I have in my PowerSight?
Your PowerSight may only be able to work with one series of PSM (PowerSight Manager) software, once your warranty has expired. Summit Technology maintains several series of software for PowerSight products. Presently, there are three versions: the 1.2 series, the 2.0 series, and the 2.1 series. As the series numbers get higher, additional major features are added. In general, all PowerSight units can be made to work with the latest version of PSM, but it requires being covered by an original or extended warranty to move to a higher series. Examining the warranty information in your PowerSight unit will give you the information needed to determine its software compatibility.Getting the Warranty Information from PowerSight Using PSM.
Note 1: the number or letter after the series number specifies what version of the series the software is. For instance, 2.15 is the fifth release of the 2.1 series.
Getting the Warranty Information from PowerSight Using its Keypad:
1. Turn the PowerSight unit on.
2. Press the “admin” key at the lower left a few times, until it says “Check Warranty?”
3. If that message is not displayed after pressing the “admin” key 5 times, then you must use the 1.2 series of PSM. You are done.
4. If the message appears, press the “Yes” key and view the warranty information.
5. The number at the far right on the bottom line of the display is the version of PSM that the unit is eligible to work with.
6. If the warranty expiration date shown at the left on the bottom line is a date still in the future, you are probably eligible to upgrade to the latest PSM series.
7. If your unit successfully connects with a newer version of PSM software and the unit is still covered by warranty, the eligibility number on the second line at the right will automatically change to show the new series number. For instance, if it successfully connected to a version of the PSM 2.1 series before 6/24/04, the number at the lower right would change from 2.0 to 2.1.
Note 2: If you attempt to upgrade to a higher version of PSM, when you are out of warranty, or no warranty date is shown, it will fail to operate correctly.
Note 3: If you attempt to connect with a version of PSM that is lower than the version the unit is presently eligible with, there may be incompatibility issues. For instance, if your unit is eligible for version 2.0 and you receive a data log from it using version 1.2 of PSM, there is a good chance that the data log will be corrupted in some way.

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How does your Online Motor Analysis option help?
This option provides the benefits of Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) in orderto evaluate motors and their driven loads while the motor is running. ESA allows PowerSight, combined with EMPATHTM software, to do a complete frequency analysis of motor current from 0 to 5000 Hz and then analyze it using complex algorithms inorder to detect the dynamic operating characteristics of the motor and its load. The benefits are fast evaluation of motors without powering them down. Once you use it, you will see that this is the best overall on-line motor diagnostic package available.


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