PS250 PowerSight Power Logger

PowerSight Power Logger model PS250 power monitor power analyzer energy monitorModel No: PS250
$ 1245.00

A COMPLETE POWER DATA LOGGER SOLUTION - from setup, to data gathering, to a comprehensive final report. See an example here: Report

Our popular PS250 Power Logger has four current and three voltage channels to directly measure all phases and neutral in single, two-phase, three-phase, split delta, 2PT/2CT, DC, 45-66 Hz, 360-440 Hz, just about any situation you will ever encounter.

Measures 140 different parameters

Volts, amps, watts, power factor, frequency, THD (optional), etc. Minimums, maximums, averages, and present values. Individual phases and total. The PS250 records all parameters every second. Unlike other loggers, it never goes into "sleep" mode. This guarantees that you will have a true view of all of the data when the job is done.

SureStart™ for getting great results

Uses artificial intelligence to verify that the wiring, connections and setup parameters are correct to avoid the likelihood of a wasted survey. Information is available on the front panel display to alert you to connection errors. This unique program (patent pending) reduces the time to hook up voltage and current probes and makes sure that all your measurements are correct.

SureSense™ for accurate current

Uses automatic current probe identification to set the input of the PS250 to match each current probe in use. This makes sure that the current probe readings are correct.

SurePower™ for reliable logging

The meter’s operation is backed up by rechargeable batteries and has an option to power it directly from the voltage being monitored. Current probes that normally require batteries (flexible AC probes and DC probes) get their power from the PS250. This guarantees that the PS250 will log power as long as you need it to with no part failing you. It has the longest logging capacity in its class.

Clear display for spot checks — like a multimeter!

For instantaneous readings you can view voltage, current, true power, apparent power and true power factor present values and min. max summaries in the window without the use of a laptop - in real time like a multimeter.

Do you need more than a data logger or energy analyzer for Power Quality i.e. to catch transient power disturbances, voltage fluctuations?
Choose the PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer for cycle-by-cycle RMS measurements plus sags, swells, and transient events capture. PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer


PS250 Power Logger includes:

DXV deluxe voltage leads with Jumbo Alligator clips (Fused leads also optionally available)
Serial Communications cable

AC Charger (specify 120 or 240 volt version)
(The LDC option is available to power the meter from the circuit you are monitoring)

PSM PowerSight Manager Software for PC with Report Writer

Order Current probes separately. Choose current probes here:

Complete systems with current probes are here: System Kits:


WAR1 Extended warranty for the PowerSight PS3000/PS3500 and PS250/PS2500 for 1 year.

LDC2 Line-to-DC Converter for PS250

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