5k Voltage Probe (set of 3)

Probes for measuring up to 5000 volts RMSModel No: 5KVP
$ 1485.00

Summit Technology provides its model 5KVP voltage probes to allow complete analysis of 4,160 V power systems. These probes plug directly into Summit Technology’s PowerSight® Energy Analyzers.

Summit Technology introduces its new model 5KVP voltage probes capable of connecting directly to 4,160V. Traditionally, professionals who wished to measure 4,160V volt lines needed to locate a PT (potential transformer) and then connect to the low voltage output secondary of the PT.

The 5KVP allows direct connection to the primary voltage. Bypassing the PT avoids any phase shift and linearity problems introduced by it. It also allows direct connection at any point of interest whether PTs already exist or not. The probes are used exclusively with the PowerSight® line of Energy Analyzers, manufactured by Summit Technology Inc.

Each probe comes with a hook attachment to facilitate hands-free measurement and long-term monitoring of 5kV lines. Each probe has a ground clamp, a neutral connector and a reduced voltage connector. The connectors are safety banana plugs. Each lead is labeled to advise how to use it.

The 5KVP comes as a set of three probes. Each probe is 14 inches long and weighs less than a pound. The fully extended length of the leads and probes is 7 feet.



The output is accurate to within ±1% for voltages between 600 and 5,000 Vrms at 50Hz and 60Hz.

It also has the ability to measure harmonics declines less than 1 db from 50 to 900 Hz.


Whenever possible, connect the probes to a de-energized circuit. First, connect the ground lead of each of the probes to a secure ground point.

Next connect each of the Vn safety banana plugs into the Vn input of PowerSight. These are special stackable plugs, so all three plug into the same input. Next plug The Va, Vb, and Vc safety banana plugs into the Va, Vb, and Vc inputs of PowerSight.

At this point, press the “Calibra” button on PowerSight PS3000 & PS4000 or "Input Ratios" button on the PS3500 & PS4500 and follow the procedure to enter an input ratio of 100:1 for Va, Vb, and Vc.

Lastly, connect the hooked tips of each probe to the correct phase and then re-energize the circuit.


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