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Thank you for your inquiry, this form guides you through system configuration. Select the meter, then choose current probes, options and accessories. We usually respond within a business day but call us if you need a response sooner at (925) 944-1212 and talk to a Power Monitoring expert.

Type your question or special requests here, either about a product, or you may submit a technical question. (Hint: Tell us about your application, what the problem is that you want to solve and we’ll tell you which PowerSight analyzer to use). If you need spares, replacement cables or chargers etc. just tell us what you need and we'll advise you.

To get a complete quote with shipping charges please supply a full ship to address. We need to know which PowerSight model you want, plus the number and type of current probes you require. If you want a voltage only monitor then check Voltage only in Step 3 – no current probes will be quoted. On a budget? Call us for availability on used ex-rental systems at 15% off list - with as-new warranties.

All PowerSight models come with: PSM software with Report Writer, charger - specify 120V or 240V, and voltage measurement leads with jumbo alligator clips. PSM-i You must choose current probes and accessories below. HOT NEWS! PSM-i for the iPad now available - go here to see details: PSM-i Video and Download Links

For Harmonic Measurements: PowerSight model PS4500 measures to 63rd order as standard. PS3000/PS3500 measure harmonics to 50th order as standard. PS250/PS2500 measure harmonics to 50th order as an option, check HAO option below.

We RENT PowerSight™ models PS4500, PS3500, and PS3000 (US/Canada only) - single or multiple units, fast shipping:

Step 1 - Quote me for a Purchase or Rental or Both:

Step 2 - Choose a PowerSight model:

Choose whether you want a PowerSight PS3500/PS3000 Power Aanlyzer for general voltage, current, power, and energy logging. If you need power quality measurements i.e. voltage disturbances such as sag, swell, and transient event capture, plus the logging of all power values, choose the PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer instead.

$ 4,995 each (PS4500) Rental Kits from $ 325 (Rental Kits)

$ 2,495 each. (PS3500) Rental Kits from $ 300 (Rental Kits)


$ 2,495 each (PS3000) Rental Kits from $ 300 (Rental Kits)


Step 3 - Choose quantity and type of current probes (or tell us the type of power circuit you need to monitor):

Rogowski-style probe with wide range and improved accuracy. $ 395 each (eFX6000)

Rigid clamp-on style with 0.5% accuracy $ 295 each. (HA1000)

Rigid clamp-on style with 2% accuracy. $ 275 each (HA100)

Rigid clamp-on style with 2% accuracy. $ 275 each (HA5)
400 Amps AC/ 600 amps DC (Clamp-on type) IMPORTANT: Choose only if you wish to specifically measure DC current. $ 355 each (DC600)

1500 Amps AC/ 2000 amps DC (Clamp-on type) IMPORTANT: Choose only if you wish to specifically measure DC current. $ 1980 each (DC2000)

High accuracy ground fault probe for leakage/ground currents (Clamp-on type) IMPORTANT: Choose only if you wish to measure low values of current down to 5ma. $ 845 each (HA-GFD)


Step 4 - Choose Case:






Step 5 - Choose Optional Communications Adapters for your specific PowerSight model. PLEASE NOTE COMPATIBILITY WITH POWERSIGHT MODELS





Step 6 - Choose Voltage Connection Options – voltage leads and clips are supplied with PowerSight for measurements to 600V:





Get relief from wearing PPE! For information on the SafeConnect™ System for switchgear, motor control centers etc. go here: (SAFEC)

Step 7 - Options for Harmonics, High Frequency Noise, Temperature & Humidity



For information on the High Frequency Noise Option to detect conducted high frequency noise for PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer and HA1000 probes only, go here: (FAO)

Please make sure you enter your full shipping address for shipping charges via UPS ground. We do not ship to PO Boxes. If you need expedited delivery indicate how fast in the text box at top of form for Requests and Questions. We can also ship via your shipper account.

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