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Summit Technology is the manufacturer of the PowerSight power monitor family for energy monitoring and power quality analysis - we are the industry leader in true three-phase hand-sized power measurement tools.

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Based in Walnut Creek, California, Summit Technology was incorporated in 1992 when it introduced the first of its PowerSight family of power analyzers. From the beginning, PowerSight products have been guided by these principles:

  • Portability. Small size and low weight are important when you need to carry tools into the field. All PowerSight analyzers weigh less than 2 pounds (less than 1kg) and fit comfortably in one hand. They are powered off of rechargeable batteries and can last for many hours.

  • Safety. Working with high voltages is inherently dangerous. New safety regulations to protect electrical workers have changed the working conditions and the behaviors of those involved in field service and maintenance. The latest PowerSight meters have CAT-IV safety rating (600V/8000V) the highest rating for hand held test equipment. Bluetooth wireless communications have been incorporated to allow workers to perform testing remotely, several feet away from arc flash hazards. See the safety paper here: NFPA 70E Safety

  • Ease of Use. A sign of advanced technology is an instrument that is easy to use. The instruments and our PSM software for the PC are both intuitive, meaning that a training class is not required to put the instruments to use. We design our equipment and accessories in ways that make it difficult to make mistakes and avoid wasted surveys. For example the instruments have automatic identification of current probe ranges plus the automatic verification of voltage and current signal connections. We keep your study process on-track and focused on success. Our manuals are small and easy to read and can be downloaded here: Download PowerSight Manual

  • Support. Trained technical personnel are available via telephone and email for rapid response. We understand power monitroring applications. Get Support or Advice here: Support Instruments returned for calibration, repair or upgrade are generally turned around in 2 days.

  • Accessories. Our meters have the industry's widest array of accessories for dealing with virtually all power monitoring challenges. Whether your need is to measure down to 5ma or up to 6,000amps we offer a range of clamp-on and flexible probes. PowerSight meters are capable of direct connection to 600V, while for medium and high voltage we offer probes that measure up to 15,000V. Various PowerSight meters can also measure DC, 400Hz, and an option is available for high-frequency noise spectrum analysis to 100kHz. View the accessories page here to also see case options including a weather proof case and communications adapters: Accessories

  • Compatibility. With few exceptions, all accessories and software can can be used with all members of the PowerSight family. You can mix and match our meters and accessories on your jobs and grow your capabilities over time. Customers who maintain their deluxe warranties a given free upgrades of software and firmware to allow there meters to remain compatible with our latest models.

The PowerSight model PS3000 Energy Analyzer was introduced in 1992 and has been continually upgraded in software and hardware. The current incarnation is the PS3500 which has Bluetooth communications, CAT -IV safety rating, and an SD card slot.

The PowerSight model PS250 Power Logger was introduced in 2002. It is optimized for power logging. It has a simplified user interface and an attractive low entry price. It introduced several new features such as the SureStartâ„¢ Logging feature that uses artificial intelligence to determine if the settings and connections are correct. The new PowerSight model PS2500 adds Bluetooth communications, CAT -IV safety rating, and an SD card slot.

The PowerSight model PS4000 power quality analyzer was introduced in 2003. It retains the portability, small size and low weight, of other PowerSight models. Now replaced by the PowerSight PS4500 this instrument is capable of analysis of harmonics, power disturbances such as swells, dips, high speed transients, and high frequency noise measurements. It is the best value of any power quality analyzer on the market and compares favorably with other systems that are twice the price!

PowerSight meters are in use in all continents (including Antarctica). Contact us for applications and product advice. Contact

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