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Summit Technology, Inc. manufacturer of PowerSight hand-held meters, power monitors, power quality analyzers, energy analyzers, harmonic analyzers, and data loggers for single / three phase power.

PowerSight portable power analyzers measure all aspects of power and power quality: voltage, current, frequency, power (watts, VA, VAr, power factor, and energy in kWh) as well as harmonics (spectrum and THD). The PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer also measures power quality events such as sags, swells, and transients (impulses). PowerSight meters can be used for spot checks similar to a multimeter, real-time meter values are displayed in the meter window. PowerSight meters can log data for up to months at a time. Data can be downloaded to a PC to view graphical plots, waveforms and summaries and to generate a report. The distinctions of the PowerSight range of power monitors are:

  • Complete Solution: PowerSight power monitoring systems are available in kits with meters and probes in handy carrying cases, complete with PC software that includes a Report Writer to automatically summarize and document power survey results.
  • Portability: All Powersight power monitors weigh less than 2 pounds (less than 1kg) and fit comfortably in one hand. Their rechargeable batteries will allow operation for 8 hours.
  • Ease of Use: PowerSight meters incorporate automatic identification of current probe ranges, and a "SureStart" function to check monitoring connections and advise of errors so that every power survey is a successful one.
  • Safety: The PS2500, PS3500, and PS4500 models are CAT-IV safety rated, the highest safety rating for hand-held test equipment.
  • Wireless Communications: The PS2500, PS3500, and PS4500 portable power meters communicate to a PC or inexpensive netbook via Bluetooth wireless up to 25 feet away from Arc Flash hazards.
  • Accessories: Summit Technology offers a wide array of accessories for many power study tasks, such as: current probes that measure down to 5ma or up to 6,000 amps, high voltage and medium voltage probes that measure from 1V to 600V, 5KV and 15KV, as well as accessories for DC, 400Hz, and HF noise spectrum analysis to 100kHz.
  • Compatibility: Almost all accessories and software can be used with any of the PowerSight meters and analyzers to permit mixing and matching of meters, probes, and accessories.
  • Data Storage: The PS2500, PS3500 and PS4500 monitors incorporate a removable SD memory card slot for up to 2GB backup data storage.
  • POWER MONITOR RENTALS: Rent a power analyzer from Summit Technology. We rent PS3500 Energy Analyzers and PS4500 Power Quality Analyzers at attractive rates. Single or Multiple units, fast shipping.
  • Support: Trained personnel are available via telephone and email for rapid response. Our manuals, software, and firmware upgrades can be downloaded from our web site. We understand power monitoring applications, for help choosing the best power monitor for your power study, talk to a power monitoring expert: (925) 944-1212 PST

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